sun in pisces

tell me your dreams! what did you dream about last night?

if you’re one of my lifetime slaves, you know i’m obsessed with the dreamscape, the ether, the cosmos. my lifetime slaves underwent slave training with me, which included dream recalling. some of them even started dream journals to best recall and tell me their dreams.

wanna give it a try? tell me what you dreamt of last night.

some simple candle magic: get a purple candle, cleanse it with smoke and/or florida water. infuse it with your energy & intentions by holding it or whispering your wishes into it. with blue ink, clearly write down your dreams. fold the paper towards yourself 3 times. attach the wish to the bottom of your purple candle. light it up & let it burn on its own.
fire safety: place the candle on a baking sheet.

but enough of my witch talk. what’s up with you? are you in need of some restraint? have you been misbehaving? perhaps i need to have you in chastity. haha.
you’re in good hands 😉

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